McWane Science Center

200 19th St North, Birmingham, AL 35203 USA
Contact Name: Kathy Fournier
Phone: (205) 714-8414

Take a virtual field trip to McWane Science Center by using our new two-way audio and video distance learning system. You and your students will interact with our experienced education staff members. You will discover interesting facts and see exciting demonstrations.

Meet a Paleontologist

Join us as we dig into the field of paleontology. One of McWane Science Center’s own paleontologists will lead your class in a discussion of why it’s important to study fossils and show you some of our specimens from our world-renowned Collections Center!
Grades 3-12
Cost: $125

Concepts in Chemistry

Chemistry is all around us! Through exciting demonstrations and fun experiments, you will learn interesting facts about chemistry and all about physical and chemical properties of matter.
Grades 3-5
Cost: $125

Issues in the Environment

Discuss some of the current challenges facing the environment today and why it’s important that we have a basic understanding of these issues and their possible solutions.
Grades 6-8
Cost: $125

Shark Lab

Dissect a shark without the mess! Join our staff as we take you through a professional dissection and learn from the inside out what makes a shark a shark.
Grades 6-12
Cost: $125