Alaskan Ecoescape

3901 Delores Drive
Eagle River, AK 99577

Contact Name: Cindee Karns
Email: Contact via website
Phone: (907) 622-3969

The Alaskan EcoEscape is the only functioning bioshelter in Alaska. Through sharing this unique home with others we hope to inspire those we touch to see the benefits to reusing and recycling.

Collect, Renew, Reuse: Water Shortage? What Water Shortage?

Participants in this video conference investigate how water is collected, used and then recycled through the bioshelter's complex system involving ponds, bacteria and fish. When living in this bioshelter, all water used recycles to be reused again and again.

Video Conference Length: 45 Minute Tour with Interactive Question Time
Video Conference Cost: $125.00
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Would You Like Sugar with your Worm Tea? All About Composting

Participants in this video conference tour the systems that are utilized to compost all the solid waste the house generates. This includes how worms are used to compost solid waste and how that composted dirt is then reused.

Video Conference Length: 45 Minute Tour with Interactive Question Time
Video Conference Cost: $125.00
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I Want to Take the Live Tour, Please.

Participants in the live tour will be shown all the systems in the house, both the composting system as well as the water recycling system.

Tour Length: approximately 1 hour
Live Tour Cost: $125.00
The maximum number of participants in any tour will be 20, due to time and space constraints.
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Educator Comments:
I am a student at Quail Valley Middle School. I participated in your video conference. Thank you for showing us your home. It is very admirable that you take so many steps to preserve the environment in your everyday life. The video conference inspired me to do those little things that keep our planet inhabitable. Thank you! Tommy

I'm e-mailing you to thank you. You taught me that it is possible to make a totally ecofriendly house. You've inspired me to create a worm farm and make garden compost. Thank You, Tharen.

Thank you for telling us about your worm farms and the bioshelter! I thought that was so cool! I learned a lot about the toilets and the worms.